Sunday, October 12, 2008

ugg is for uggly!

I have never understood the appeal of ugg boots....honestly, I think they are the most under designed boot on the market. The lack of curve or sculpture to the boot, along with the sole and exterior stitching just makes me go BLLAHHH.
My friend Becky wants to get a I have found 2 pairs that I think are pretty nice, and acceptable for her job (not that she will get these...what she likes about uggs are that they are like wearing slippers all day). hmm.

I like these uggs. I like the color, the sole is much better...
the boot has some shape and great stitching.

I like these uggs a lot.....super cute, and fun! Love the buckle! dress me up...dress me down.

I love are some of my favorites.....

LOVE these boots by stylish and you know they are comfortable.

Frye just came out with these beauties.....I can just smell the leather now.....for a mere $650.00 you can smell too!

I love the stitching and design on these boots...I also think the shape of the toes is very nice....these are by Naot - Illusion.