Friday, April 23, 2010

Princeton, and a few other things

I am so loving this song, this video is an amazing live version
Set fire to the third bar

I made this display outside my studio door.
It shows the different classes I will teach, along with an example.
As of now, I have Block Printmaking, embroidery, small books, cards, and weaving....maybe sewing....not sure, sewing machines can be so temper-mental.

So the family and I took a little vacation to Princeton, NJ.
That is where my husbands daughter, and family live.
It's a little "weird(for lack of a better word)" to call Kirsten my step-daughter. We are pretty close in age, and quite similar in likes, and I just called her my friend...or Bob's daughter, or Kirsten, she introduces me as "Julie", or "Ivan's mom", or my "dad's wife" ( she should introduce me as her "step-monster).....She has two lovely little girls...they call me Julie, I would prefer they called me Goddess....(they call Bob - Grandpa)...... She has a fantastic husband Jon, (who just happens to look a bit like John Bon Jovi).....and an adorable house in the heart of Princeton, which is in walking distance to all the shops and restaurants...which I love(minus the blisters from the inappropriate shoes for walking).

Here are some photos of Ivan and Azlyn playing in the apple tree.
Most of the conversation between Ivan and Azlyn went like this.
Azlyn: Ivan, do you want to play princess?
Uncle Ivan: NO!

Kirsten and I, along with some of her girlfriends, went to a flea market in PA.
Loads of great stuff! Tons of fun.

I am making necklaces with the keys, and a hair piece with the fabric flower I got.

There was a vendor with fabulous wooden stamps.
Two of these are K's, she so graciously lent them to me....I plan to do some printing on fabric, and anything else that doesn't move.

designer fabric samples....
3 for $1.00 - great deal, and some lovely pieces!

K and I did some sewing....we actually made a shirt from a pattern....
I never actually completed anything from a pattern before...
I do make skirts a lot, but not with a pattern.
She has a great sewing machine... I give it 2 thumbs up....super easy to use, and so smooth,
(unlike my vintage "mack-truck" singer ). I am so hoping for one of these for Mother's day...hint, hint..husband!

I made this dress for Miss pattern(as I am sure you can tell), It lacks any shape what so ever....she was sweet and tried it on for me....then promptly took it off.

For some reason I have no photos of Lovely Lilah. She is something else!!!!!!

I loved this photo I took of the George Washington Bridge, isn't it amazing what man can do!

I drove by this a few times.....going very slowly...with loads of people on my tail honking at me (prince-tonians, honk a lot!). It's Frank Gehry's Lewis Library at Princeton University. I was there when they first stating building it a few years ago, so I was thrilled to see it done. I like Gehry's work...but not here.

This is Princeton to me!  One of my favorite things to do other that check out the strikingly beautiful campus, is to sit and look at the students rushing off to class....I think to myself...hmm, I wonder what her major is? or, he doesn't look smart enough to go here! Then I think, I wonder if I am smart enough to go here? mmm...probably not.

I have loads more of studio, and work in progress/finished pieces to post.....
so come back and visit soon! seacrest out!

oh ya, I cut like 8 inches of my bangs this morning...
with hopes of looking like this.....

I think I'm pretty close!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Target Love

This post was so ridiculously hard to put together. For some reason finding the correct images was next to impossible, so we all must use our imaginations.
Have you seen the new Liberty of London line at Targe'?
I have been so good at holding back at buying everything......I did buy 2 lamp shades, aren't they cool!

and a fun halter dress made in the fabric (the yellow floral in the front) below.

My second Targe' recommendation for this evening is for the new Giada line of food.
I personally love food shopping at targe', mostly because I find the grocery store so horribly boring.
At Targe' you can wizz on through the grocery lines and into the fabulous-ness of fashion, and domestication (DAMN...I HAVE SOME CRAZY SENTENCES WORKING TONIGHT).
I love the creamy tomatoe pasta sauce, and her boxed spaghetti !!! 
super yummy, even the husband commented on how good it is.