Friday, February 25, 2011

a new lavender wall

There is a wall in my living - kitchen that is constantly going through a make over.
I have lived in this house for 6 years, and I think this is the 4th redo.
This is the wall before the redo, it's a happy wall.
I like it, but I was itching for something new!

Here is the new wall. It's a very light blue/lavender.
I have always been drawn to warm tones, but this is changing.
I like the clean crispness on cool colors.

The botanical prints are from a yard sale - $10.00 each.

My husband built a new cover for the radiator - before...

after.... I think I may paint it white.
I surfed the web for radiator covers, all of ours are rusted.
I paint them twice a year, but the rust comes right through.
The covers on the web ran about $46.00 a foot. Yikes.
The one below cost about $25.00.
I have my husband scheduled to make one for every room!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

some new decor

Here is my new craft/sewing nook.  
It still needs a little love, but I am definitely loving it so far.

I bought the desk at the mill store for $179.00, which is a lot, but it was a perfect fit!
I added a fabric skirting (curtain panel) to hide plastic storage containers,
which are underneath the desk, and full of crafting supplies.
The trim is a belt that I bought years ago from Old Navy.

I bought this old book shelf at a yard sale for $1.00.
It needed a lot of love, so I started by painting it ivory.

The metal pails are from Target, and were a buck a piece.
Twenty of them fit perfectly.  I bought a stencil,
and numbered them with the same ivory paint... 1-20.
Total cost for storage shelf...approx. $25.00

The cork board is just a basic bulletin board that I purchased from the Goodwill for $3.00.
I covered it with linen ($6.00 with coupon),
and finished it off with black gross-grain ribbon ($2.99).
I used a staple gun to adhere the linen, and a bit of fabric glue for the ribbon.

The dresser was one that I had that I was using  in the bathroom for storage.
I actually found a better storage solution for the bathroom, so it was a good swap.
I painted it ivory, and filled it with treasures!
The jars on top are filled with buttons and ribbons.

Now I just need to find the discipline to sit, and create!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

will a flower a day keep the blues away?

I will be having my first give away ever!!!!
see below for details....

I said in my last post that I would have a corner of my house post.
Well, I didn't get the corner finished yet, but here is a sneak peak...

It's a corner in my bedroom that is awkward, and  often is unused.
It has been a bunch of different thing, but none of them ever really successful.
The space is full of doors. There are two sets of closet doors, and a half door that enters into the eaves. It's not the easiest of spaces to design.  I am going to make a sewing/art area. This is all I have for now, I hope to be finished in the next few days.

I have a few more Trader Joe's updates....
I have had this Pad Thai 3 times, and I still love it.

The Taco Dip was good...Bob gave it a C.  (I would not buy again).
I served it with Trader Joe's sour cream which is very creamy.
Trader Joe's Fresh salsa, (I would buy again)
which was good, (not as good as Sister's Salsa from Maine),
but it is around $2.00 cheaper than most fresh salsas.
Trader Joe's Organic Round Corn Chips were very good(I would buy again).

These lava cakes were good. (I probably would not buy them again).
They need fresh cream and berries.
The cake was very chocolaty,  and dense.

The Mac n Cheese was yummy. Bob gave it a B.
(I would buy this again).

And now for my first giveaway!!!! Horray!

The other day I wore one of these flowers in my hair...and I swear it, I do....
that more people smiled at me than on a normal day (and not in a creepy way). 

So, I want to spread flower power to everyone....
well not everyone,
just readers and followers of my blog.
Would you like a free silk flower hair clip?

Would you like (non-creepy) people to smile at you more!!!
Do you need a little flower power?
It's so easy....just leave a comment below!!!!!

I will choose random entries, using a handy dandy number generator.
Go on leave a message...become a follower/reader. I will draw winners on Friday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

taking one for the team...

but I will get to that in a bit!

I wore my very bold Christmas necklace today.
I was just waiting for that perfect outfit that screamed out...wear me, wear me now!
I must tell you I was a little worried that I would have a sore neck by the end of the day, but low and behold, a perfectly un-sore neck.
My friend Charlotte, ( the woman who is suppose to be a guest blogger (rock collection) Hem!!!),
told me to put more photos of people in my blog.
I couldn't disagree more, but being the the kind of blogger who doesn't ya go!

It took like 10 shots to get one that look ok enough to post...
here I am....but please, just focus on the outfit...

Necklace by Anthropologie from Kirsten
Turtleneck by August Silk ($5.00 on clearance - Marshalls)
Sweater by INC (on clearance $11.00 - Macys)
Skirt by j brown apparel design (hee hee) - fabric Bamboo/Modal blend
Boots - Timberland ($24.99 - Mardens)
Leggings- I don't remember
Wool socks - my husbands sock draw.

yikes...what a view.

So, I went to Trader Joe's today to continue my...
Try everything in Trader Joe's quest.
Maine is lucky we have a big Trader Joe's...

A great entrance...the smell is so amazing.
They are currently selling orchids for $7.99....they were selling like crazy!
They get a shipment everyday...a nice Valentines gift for a friend???

These were so gorgeous!

The reason why so many go to Trader Joe's!!!!!

I  Love the sweet!

so back to taking one for the team.....
I had such high hopes for this Bento Box
However, I must report that I would give it  zero stars...BLEK!
It was close to inedible. The tofu was ok...pretty tasteless.
The rice in the middle was ok.... the other rice was dry and grainy.
The string beans were like sticks...etc..etc... don't waste your $5.99.
My dog wouldn't eat it, and he eats everything!!!!!!!

I have a corner of my house post coming tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm looking for something in pink....

My step daughter told me a few months go that "I love pink".
This is what I hear..."must find pink things for Kirsten".
It's a quest. We all need quests!
People who now me, know that I have an innate ability to find things that people need.
Friends come to my house and say things like...."I love vintage potato mashers",
so I go into my magic cupboard and pull out, a few mashers for them to choose from.

I must say, I feel a bit defeated on my quest for pink.
I think Kirsten must have told everyone she knows to like pink as well.
Pink pyrex is almost impossible to find...even though I know I have seen it in the past.
You can get a set on ebay for around $100.00.  I say blek to that. It's not that Kirsten isn't worth a hundred dollar set of's just that I know I will find them....I just know I will!
I have found these items so far, along with some lovely vintage linens...

I do have a pink planter, and butter dish that I haven't photographed yet.
Got any pink? let me know! help my quest!

I have been in a nesting mode of sorts.
I have been focusing on my large bathroom....freshening it up, making it pretty.
Storage is always an issue, so here is a solution I thought I would share.
It's just a shoe organizer(home goods $6.99) that I nailed to the wall behind the door.
It holds hand towels, face cloths, q-tips, etc.

new in the shop....water color kits.
All recycled materials (except the paint brush - new)
Cigar boxes, 50 cents each from Daddy's Cigar Shop.
vintage film canister, for carrying water.
water color paper - yard sale - cut to box size.
water colors - yard sales (yard sales are a great place to buy art supplies,
people have high expectations on their artistic abilities,
then are crushed when they realize that it takes work, and practice)

this one is a  wooden box that I decoupaged.

One more thing....a yummy, super easy salad.
I had this in Littleton.  Step one....go to salad bar for raw broccoli,  califlower,  carrots. and red onion.
Most salad bars have craisins, and sunflower seed as well, so get some of those. I had craisins at home, so I didn't buy them at the salad bar.

chop all the veggies...

add seeds and dried cranberries(craisins)

add salt, pepper, mayo, and a little balsamic vinegar.
so easy, so yummy, so good for you!