Friday, February 25, 2011

a new lavender wall

There is a wall in my living - kitchen that is constantly going through a make over.
I have lived in this house for 6 years, and I think this is the 4th redo.
This is the wall before the redo, it's a happy wall.
I like it, but I was itching for something new!

Here is the new wall. It's a very light blue/lavender.
I have always been drawn to warm tones, but this is changing.
I like the clean crispness on cool colors.

The botanical prints are from a yard sale - $10.00 each.

My husband built a new cover for the radiator - before...

after.... I think I may paint it white.
I surfed the web for radiator covers, all of ours are rusted.
I paint them twice a year, but the rust comes right through.
The covers on the web ran about $46.00 a foot. Yikes.
The one below cost about $25.00.
I have my husband scheduled to make one for every room!


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