Thursday, February 3, 2011

it's the year of the rabbit!

I bought this picture on ETSY a couple weeks ago,
not knowing that it was the year of the rabbit.
I bought it because he is such a charmer!

There are many ways to embrace your inner rabbit.
I love this leather phone pouch

for a mere $4.80 you can own this signed collage
I love the shadow cast.

"I'm Late" pendant; this would be an appropriate for
a few of my chronically late friends!

Go here to download year of the rabbit wallpaper.

 is another Trader Joe's love affair update...
The Black Bean and Cheese Taquitos were ok. I didn't really like them, they were a little too cardboard-y (I love adding Y's to words, to create new words!) for me.  Ivan like them!

The Cheese Enchilada were so Yummy! The entire family loved them!
I will definitely buy them again!

Here is a slight preview to a huge project on the horizon!!!!
Very exciting!!!!!! More to come!!!!

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