Sunday, February 6, 2011

Littleton, New Hampshire

I love this quaint little town.
This is my second trip, and I am constantly amazed by how friendly,
and courteous everyone is.
I have heard it is more about the journey, than than the destination.
The journey to Littleton did not disappoint!

a gaggle of turkeys?  Nope!
Groups of turkeys are referred to as a flock, a brood,
a bale, and a rafter of turkeys. Huh, I did not know that!

This was an amazing sight! (click on photo to enlarge)

a little turkey poo.... burnt sienna.
(don't click on photo to enlarge)

I look at this photo and see amazing textures.

a snow covered group of planted raised trees... a tree farm.....

five horses in a field...a herd. (click on photo to enlarge)

This is where we stayed.  A building full of rooms where
people sleep.... a hotel.
(I know the definitions are getting old...last one I swear!)
The Hampton a nice, affordable hotel $139.00 a night.
There is a  pool, which was a bit to pee pee filled for me...
complimentary breakfast, which was edible, but not of high quality so,
(we got some amazing whole grain berry muffins from Miller's bakery!)

There are loads of cute local stores and restaurants downtown....
this one is quite impressive!

Chutters has every candy you can image...

loads of candy from my youth!!!

We had a great lunch here. Yummy fresh quality sandwiches!

A goddess store, with a tattoo parlor and adult toy store downstairs.
(we didn't go downstairs because we had just eaten)

Love these stuffed monsters!!!!!  I think I may make some of these!

There were 3 or 4 consignment and thrift stores...

This book store / toy store / cafe is the heart of the downtown.

A must eat is Miller's everything is so fresh and so yummy!
The guy who owns the place is super friendly.

We also ate at a very yummy Thai place with killer drinks!

There was a great antique place. However, most everything was overpriced-:(
I loved these.... pebble prints!

creepy yet sort of fun clown glasses...

I had these when I was a youngster.

I seriously considered this guy.... vintage owl clock.

I really wanted the rabbit bank...but at $28.00...
it was just sooo overpriced!

loved these wooden tops...

The building was was an old masonic lodge.
The craftsmanship was beyond amazing.

We did do some work......
(the trip was all about helping Shelley with her new Chalet).
bought some furniture (all TJ MAXX), and
some accessories....birds nest came from Shelley's deck.
I'm going to make some felted eggs for it,
and I have a yellow bird figurine that will make this
little toilet scenario super cute!

I will share more of Shelley's Chalet makeover in a few weeks.
Here is the start of the paint palette... (colors are slightly off)

The town has a few department store...TJ Maxx saved us,
along with Home Depot, and um...yup Wal-Mart(shiver)
(generally not an Interior Designers destination),
but we found great stuff that Shelley Yay for wally world!

 This is the view leaving Walmart. Gasp!

Here are a few more photos of the town....

We (Shelley, Charlotte, and I)  had a great time. The people of Littleton were so friendly.
People spoke to you, and smiled. Cars would stop for you so you could cross the street (every time!).
Old men tipped there hats!!! People were not pretencious.  We made friends with the restaurant owners,  the fabric lady at Wal-Mart, and another fabric lady who specializes in Nascar fabric (who shares a building with a gun shop).  Yes, a bit humorous, and she was a stitch (get it?).
The cashiers at Home Depot engaged in conversation with us....
asking where we were from, and why the heck we were so loud and laughing so much.
It wasn't about what you were wearing, or how much money you had.
It was a NICE town, a kind of town I want to live in one day!


  1. Catherine, it's a fabulous new home town!!!!! I think you will be very happy!