Thursday, August 19, 2010

trying to decide

on a couple of fabrics for fall skirts....
most fabrics are by designer Alexander Henry...whom I love!
all fabrics can be found at Sew Mama Sew.....

I like this one....but could be really hard to match up on the seams...
and would be very noticeable if I didn't.

I love this's almost a definite!

hmm...the one below is so cool!

This would be pretty for Autumn.

I love this one...the gray and the bits of red and yellow!
it would go great with my mustard colored Frye boots!

loving this one in cordroy

the next two may be too spring like.

the two below would be great for winter!


Monday, August 16, 2010

My new friend Heidi

I wanted to post some of my friend Heidi's wonderful creations.
Heidi and I did the Higgin's Beach Craft Show this past weekend.
We both did VERY WELL, lots of purchases for both of us!
I own the owl on the left!
I love the wool needle felted mermaids below....
I bought 2 for Azlyn, and Lilah's Christmas bag.

I loved the painted fish...and her signs were a big hit!

The lobsters sold like hotcakes! I have one of these as well.

I also bought 2 of these for the grand daughters.
Their faces are so CUTE!

below are some of my items that I sold in the crafts show

Check out her blog.  Oh ya, she has also written 12 books.
She is really SMART!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crazy Crafter

The Annual Higgins Beach Craft Show is tomorrow.  Blahhh!!!!!
This is a huge show for me. I make quite a bit of money, and meet loads of great people!
I have a craft cupboard that I put out in front of my house ever summer....

It is full of stuff that I sell in my show.
It also gives the beach visitors an option to shop when they take a much needed break
from the hot sand.

This summer, I have sold so much from my cupboard,
that I am in a bit of a panic that I wont have enough for my show.

Higgins Beach glass sea urchin necklaces

I have one more day to get loads of stuff finished!!!!

When your super busy, I have a great recipe for dinner.
It literally takes 2 minutes to prepare.....and 10 minutes in the toaster oven.
first ingredient...Indian Naan..bought from the local India Grocer

next Pre-made pesto (whole foods has a great one) also, pre-sliced mozzeralla

fresh tomatoes from the farm stand.....toaster oven 10 min.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

a little nesting

The temperatures have dropped dramatically today. Yesterday, I was so HOT!!!!
Today, the air is a crisp cool.  When ever I feel that fall air, I started nesting...CHIRP.
Today I recovered some chairs, and I have a "new" Scandinavian dining table.
I had a 60" glass top table for years, I loved it but it was so big in my small space.
Now,  I have this wonderful teak rectangular has 2 leaves that fold under the it is very flexible!

The table had 2 chairs....with some less than desirable green slightly shiny fabric...

I had 2 of these fabulous Eames chairs, with one of my all time favorite
Maharam Fabric by Quatrefoil by Alexander Girard .

I thought about ordering more Maharam Fabric but it is crazy expensive,
even with my designer discount. I found this stripe at JoAnn's Fabric, at 60% off it was
only $12.00 a yard. VERY affordable!

I think they coordinate nicely!

I have also been spending some time in my studio creating some pieces with findings from the beach.

I should put them in my upcoming show.....
Higgins Beach Association Craft Show
This Friday and Saturday!
BUT, I really want to keep them!