Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crazy Crafter

The Annual Higgins Beach Craft Show is tomorrow.  Blahhh!!!!!
This is a huge show for me. I make quite a bit of money, and meet loads of great people!
I have a craft cupboard that I put out in front of my house ever summer....

It is full of stuff that I sell in my show.
It also gives the beach visitors an option to shop when they take a much needed break
from the hot sand.

This summer, I have sold so much from my cupboard,
that I am in a bit of a panic that I wont have enough for my show.

Higgins Beach glass sea urchin necklaces

I have one more day to get loads of stuff finished!!!!

When your super busy, I have a great recipe for dinner.
It literally takes 2 minutes to prepare.....and 10 minutes in the toaster oven.
first ingredient...Indian Naan..bought from the local India Grocer

next Pre-made pesto (whole foods has a great one) also, pre-sliced mozzeralla

fresh tomatoes from the farm stand.....toaster oven 10 min.


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  1. put that sign aside for me - LOVE it.... see you this weekend.