Monday, January 31, 2011

around the house

a few scenes from around my house...
amazing afternoon light

paper whites

reminders of summer

lots of sewing

wall collages

amazing smelling fresh lavender

a la parisienne Macarons

Friday, January 28, 2011

no hum drum - a quest

I think I may try to see them all...
all of the Oscar nominated films that is!
5 are on DVD, 5 in the theaters...
I think it will be a great way to get through the hum drum days of February.
I have only seen one, Toy Story 3. It was great!!!!
I know it won't win the Oscar for best picture, but it is definitely worth a watch!
You can download all the movies that are on DVD on Amazon on demand

I LOVE LOVE Colin I am quite excited to see....
The King's Speech -at theaters

Inception - amazon on demand - update 02/02/11 - 3 stars
The Social Network - on DVD
127 Hours - at theaters
The Fighter - at theaters
True Grit - at theaters
The kids are all right - on DVD
Winter's Bone - on DVD
Toy Story 3 - on DVD   - 4 stars
Black Swan - at theaters

I have never been a big fan of Natalie Portman.
I thought she was dreadful in the Star War movies.
Everything else she has done has been unmemorable.
I have high hopes for this movie! 
I will keep you posted on any that I see.
If you have seen any that your really loved...leave a comment and let me know.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

stuff I am loving....

 this skirt from the Netherlands

these wool flowers from etsy

this amazing dress from Israel on etsy

I love these prints from Urban Outfitters

I would kill for one of these... $300.00 Urban Outfitters

This book sums up my home life - from Anthropologie
A perfectly kept house is a sign of a misspent life...
can I get an.... amen sister!

I have pined for this chair for so long from Anthropologie.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I almost drop kick my sewing machine today.

Sewing machines are sooo damn touchy....bobbin this, tension that!
I am trying to talk my husband in to becoming a sewing machine repair man. hee! hee!
The only downfall to a lucrative career as a repair man
would be the absolute crazy people (like me),
that have been driven over the edge by their frigin' machines.
Nothing else can send me into a crazed tail spin more than a misbehaving sewing machine.
After a lot of deep breathing and meditation, I did manage to make a skirt today.
I love these skirts from Old Navy, they are a major staple in my wardrobe.

The only problem with the skirts is the lack of quality of the fabric.
After a couple of's a pilled mess.
I guess at $20.00, it should be expected.
I found this skirt on Athleta, but $54.00 is a bit much for a jersey skirt.

I found some jersey knit corduroy;
it was on clearance for $2.50 a yard.
I took apart an old Old Navy skirt, and used it as my pattern.

It was incredibly easy.
The best part was having a skirt that I loved the fit of as a pattern!

You can adjust the length by folding over the top.

You can leave it longer, by not folding it over.

I have plans to make a couple more. The gray fabric on top is a bamboo/modal.
It is quite dreamy! The fuschia is similar to the blue.

My 8 year old took this photo...before I had the chance to iron it. Blek!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

a little of this...a little of that!

I made these this week.

along with these...

which were really easy to make (idea from here).
you need a few pom poms,  branches, and old bottles.
I made my pom poms using these....

I tried using a handmade cardboard loom...
but they came out a little to
un-pom pommy(is that a word).
I prefer wool's fluffier.
A little hot glue keeps it in place on the branch.

I think I may make a label for the bottle...
u & me
in honor of Valentines Day.

I need to learn to sew really well.
I want to make some these...
(the following photos are from Japanese craft and pattern books).

Since it is going to be below zero at the beginning of this week,
I am going to stay in and make these.....

keep warm all my northeast friends!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

some new glasses

My son, Ivan needs glasses, and
I seem to be taking it harder than he is.
I know there will be some struggles, with a lot of...
"Ivan, where are your glasses?",  and "Ivan, put your glasses on!"
He already told me he didn't want to wear them on the school bus.  Hmph!
Kids can be so cruel....if anyone makes fun of him...WATCH OUT!!!!

Off to Lens Crafters, where we were lucky, and got a great lady to help us.
She has a son Ivan's age, so she was quite good at dealing with little men!
We brought Ivan's friend Oscar, for moral support.
Oscar came out of the womb wearing glasses.

The kid kills me, he walked in to the store knowing the look he wanted.
He tried on a few different frames, but wanted his first choice. 

I think he looks pretty good!!!!!! actually, GREAT!
I scored super huge at Goodwill the other day.
I think someone had dumped all their jewelry making supplies there.
My guess is that they had just had it....they were done!
I get it.  Selling jewelry for profit is next to impossible.
You really need to find amazing deals on supplies,
and have really unique stuff;  because everyone is making and selling jewelry!!!
BINGO!!!!! Amazing deal.....

Above is just a small portion of what I bought.
I spent about $40.00, and scored about $800.00 worth of stuff.
Most of the items still have the price tags on(a lot from the Beadin' Path in Freeport).
There are loads of tools, and jigs, and things that I have no idea what to do with.

Everything is in my shop 50% of sticker free instruction if needed.

I've added a couple of new cups to my collection... woot!

I have some cool crafty post coming up.
I am just getting over a 6 day sinus infection...YUCK!
See you here tomorrow!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sea Smoke

I must say that one of the more beautiful sights here on Higgins Beach is the sea smoke.
It is quite dramatic to see, and to feel, because sea smoke is visible when it is terribly cold outside.
This morning it was a balmy 2 degrees. Sea smoke is cause by the ocean water being considerably warmer than the air. Regardless of the frigidity, Ollie and I trotted down the shore to take these photos to share.

I also wanted to share some more fabulous Christmas gifts that I was quite lucky to receive.
They are from Kirsten, who has an equally strong love for Anthropologie, as I do.
Sometimes I feel bad for Kirsten, because I always say stuff like this to her...
"no pressure, but we get so excited when you presents come, because they are always so cool!"
She never disappoints, and I felt quite spoiled this year!
a whole lot of necklace....that I will wear with a t-shirt, jeans, and my Frye boots!

who knew a LEO butter dish could be so much fun !

oh my! this scarf is beyond fabulous in every way!  just perfect!

I did a bit more thrift-ing on Thursday and found these 2 pairs of shoes.
I super love these ECCO shoes $9.99

Dansko Mary Janes for $14.99 - YAY!

The best thing about gently used shoes are...
Have a fabulous day!