Monday, January 10, 2011

the studio

I designed some new cards for my "studio shop"
They are from Zazzle....and are so affordable!

Love them! They are charcoal gray, ivory and a light grass green.

Now that the Christmas holiday is over it is time to get the shop ready for spring.
One of the key areas I re-decorate for the different holidays is the entry space.

So, away with the greens and berries.....
time for valentines day, and of course the anticipated arrival of spring(which I am ready for now)!
I have a few of these Christmas balls left over from the holiday sale....

My clever friend Charlotte commented on how they resembled the flowers on my cards....
hmmm... I think she may be right!

I have this planter (which is out side my entry) which was full of greens and berries, but now empty!

So, I took the ornaments, and drilled a hole in each with my Dremel
(a must have a for any Goddess crafter). Oh' how I Love my Dremel!

I went to the craft store and bought 3 dowels (.79 cents each).
I placed them in the hole and cut them to various lengths.

....arranged them just so, and.....Taa Daa!!!!!
so easy! so inexpensive!

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