Monday, August 18, 2008


Target has amazingly stylish furnishings for a fraction of furniture retail costs. Here are some of my favorites......

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kate Bush

simply stunning.
she is hands down my favorite female singer.
She has unbelievable talent,
and was way before her time when she debuted in the late 70's.
I would have a hard time saying which of her songs is the best,
this woman's work is one of my favorites songs of all time.
Her top 3 songs (according to me) follow....

this woman's work

running up that hill

Wuthering Heights
I remember the first time I heard Wuthering Heights I was in disbelief, the song is amazing. I think I listened to it 10 time in a row so I could learn all the lyrics.

watching her 1980's videos make me laugh....the 80's were a hilarious decade...

don't give up Kate with Peter Gabrielle

the red shoes

duet Kate with Tori

she gets more beautiful the older she gets!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I love to watch the Olympics. I love to watch the competition of the worlds best athletes. I do consider myself quite patriotic, however during the Olympics I become a bit crazed for our American team. I also love to support the underdogs from various small countries that have 2 athletes, or no training facilities, or coaches.
At the summer games I love to watch gymnastics, diving, swimming, and track; winter games figure skating, skiing, ski jumping, snowboarding. I first became enamored with the Olympics watching Nadia Comaneci.......

My husband said that it was the moment when Wilma Rudolph wins her gold metals after childhood doctors told her she would not walk, that he remembers most.

who could forget the 1980's hockey team! That was amazing!

and of course Mary Lou, I remember when she landed the vault,
I was jumping up and down in my living room.

check this out......
Kerri Strug's vaulting video!
if it was a guy with the same injury he would be on the side crying!!!
this chick is tough!!!!!

Torvill and Dean's Bolero
absolutely mesmerizing

something I want to forget! so embarrassing!
Tanya Harding

men's 1984 Olympic champions


there are more that I will be adding...let me know if you have a favorite!