Tuesday, December 22, 2009

this past week

silk flower necklace. These are fun to make, and they end up as light as air.
I sold all of them at my open house....to the same person. I will be making more! 

our living tree with LED lights... hmm.... my husband did not particularly care for it.

but when we finished it was not too bad!!!!!

a night in the "BIG" city with Ivan

a solstice photo, taken this morning at 7:20 by request from my husband.

Now, I am off to figure out our Christmas day menu, oh' Barefoot C where for art thou!

Monday, December 21, 2009

books on my bedside table

They are all really good. I put them in order of favorites.
ETCETERA - is a gorgeous book, the interiors are very easy,
and laid back.....not for type A anal personality.
THE ALABAMA STITCH BOOK - Fantastic yet time consuming amazing sewing projects.
Very BOHO.....not for the Talbots shopper!
FELTIQUE - Great projects, easy to follow instructions;  I plan on making quite a few projects.
PAINTING WITH STITCHES - lovely book.....an amazing artist....super time consuming projects for this ADA crafter!
THE PICTORIAL DICTONARY  is a great source for images,
but some are so obscure that you would be hard press to incorporate them into your art.

Friday, December 11, 2009

a little vintage christmas....

I found this handmade wreath today at Cliffs
As someone who embroiders, the amount of work that went into this is just amazing!
The quality is superb!

I decided this year to decorate with vintage items, and natural things.
Love this snowman.....he's about 60 years old.

I love vintage light bulbs...

  this guy below is not vintage...but he's made out of wood, that counts as nature.

I had a bit of fun altering the photo below...they have an antique button.....figured since I was photographing vintage ......

The green elf above kind of creeps me out...
my mom brought me a bag of vintage ornaments this afternoon!!! YAY!
This guy was in there, my mom said he is from the "40's"...that's old!

ahhh a little nostalgia at Christmas time......