Saturday, May 14, 2011

every now and then...

you find a yard sale that just makes you giggle!
(better yet a shopaholics yard sale!)

Danskos (new) $15.00...Horray!

I was on my way home from shopping for these
Mother's Day Danskos ($120.00)......Gulp!
a little ironic, don't you think?

I found "high quality" white shirts galore.
I have been into white shirts lately, and never would spend the money
(retail that is) on these...
$5.00 each (one had a $78.00 price tag)

 I got two jackets from Chico's (not a usual shopping haunt for me)
$15.00 each (tag @ $130.00). One in back, one in chocolate.

I also found a great gift for a friend of mine...brand new Coach bucket hat.
(the lady it home...tried it on...too small - huh???? - take it back!!!)

Speaking of Coach....there was tons of it...
wallets, scarves, do dads, and purses!
I had my eye on a bag....
a  coach legacy satchel purse that I have always dreamed of owning...
but at a retail price of $798.00, I doubt it would have happened.
She had one marked $100.00.....I left with out it. :(
I thought about it all night....had I passed up a dream of mine????
Oh MY!
I went back this morning....she recognized me from yesterday.
I am sure she didn't have many people trying on clothes in her garage
(she did ask me if I wanted to try them on in her house...
I declined, what if I miss something!!!!!)
Anyway....(I know you are all on the edge of your seats)
The purse was still there.......she sold me the bag,
and the matching wallet($250.00 retail) for......
are you ready........

I have plans to sell the wallet on ebay to pay for everything else I bought!


Friday, May 13, 2011

House Photos

The view from the Deck

 The Kitchen

The Living Room

The Bathroom

The Master Bedroom

The Hallway

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

colonial times

Thank goodness for the Goodwill.
Where else could you pull together a colonial costume
for an 8 year old boy in a matter of an hour!
A white shirt and vest for $4.00....and in my sons size!
What luck!

baseball pants,  socks, and a trip to the party shop
for a $3.99 hat tops off the outfit!

serious cuteness!

Of course he was to cool to wear the hat on the bus;
the pants came down to his ankles as well.

I scored a few other things at the Goodwill like these
brand new Sofft wedges($2.99),
and a fabulous vintage Lord and Taylor hat($1.99).

I also found this "like new" Tignanello Leather Bag.

There is nothing like a $100.00 bag for $4.99! Woot!
Such deals! How will I ever pay retail again?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Amelia Island

My husband is ready to retire. He wants to head south;
where the grass is green year round, and the golf courses never close.
We plan on putting our house on the market in a few weeks.
We have been downsizing loads of STUFF,
giving everything a good cleaning, and a fresh coat of paint.
A few years back we visited a lovely little island in north-east Florida; Amelia Island.
If the house sells, there is a strong chance we will be moving there.

On the island there is a little city called Fernandina Beach.
It is a great little historical city that has flown under 8 different flags.

It has a wonderful little downtown area, with lots of restaurants and shops.

It has great marinas, with an amazing shrimp industry...YUM!

I am hoping to find a cute little historical house to call home....

There are festivals, farmers markets, 16 miles of beaches,
and highly ranked schools.

Amelia Island Living E Magazine

There are miles of nature trails...


After a harsh Maine winter I am pretty excited to move!!!!