Saturday, May 14, 2011

every now and then...

you find a yard sale that just makes you giggle!
(better yet a shopaholics yard sale!)

Danskos (new) $15.00...Horray!

I was on my way home from shopping for these
Mother's Day Danskos ($120.00)......Gulp!
a little ironic, don't you think?

I found "high quality" white shirts galore.
I have been into white shirts lately, and never would spend the money
(retail that is) on these...
$5.00 each (one had a $78.00 price tag)

 I got two jackets from Chico's (not a usual shopping haunt for me)
$15.00 each (tag @ $130.00). One in back, one in chocolate.

I also found a great gift for a friend of mine...brand new Coach bucket hat.
(the lady it home...tried it on...too small - huh???? - take it back!!!)

Speaking of Coach....there was tons of it...
wallets, scarves, do dads, and purses!
I had my eye on a bag....
a  coach legacy satchel purse that I have always dreamed of owning...
but at a retail price of $798.00, I doubt it would have happened.
She had one marked $100.00.....I left with out it. :(
I thought about it all night....had I passed up a dream of mine????
Oh MY!
I went back this morning....she recognized me from yesterday.
I am sure she didn't have many people trying on clothes in her garage
(she did ask me if I wanted to try them on in her house...
I declined, what if I miss something!!!!!)
Anyway....(I know you are all on the edge of your seats)
The purse was still there.......she sold me the bag,
and the matching wallet($250.00 retail) for......
are you ready........

I have plans to sell the wallet on ebay to pay for everything else I bought!


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