Sunday, March 28, 2010

more studio photos, yes more!

it's coming along......I am so tired, but it's a good tired.

retail space

art table 

new sofa!!!!

succulent garden

new project
based on Alabama Stitch Book
my basic grey skirt.....blah....blah!

using high quality t-shirts
(bought at the Goodwill $1.50 each)

applique circles applied using button tread, and common needle.

finished photos coming soon!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

more studio photos

.....back from another afternoon at the's coming along slowly but surely.
I get side track often.....usually by something shiny.....or maybe a cute bunny....or....
my son pleading with me to make him an Egyptian Wolf Warrior Mask.

so, I did. made it out of a cardboard box, black fabric, black marker, and a glue gun.

he wore it around the mill....
got lots of smiles, and jack the pizza man loved it.
Ivan is wearing it for show and tell tomorrow.

The good thing about cleaning and moving is finding treasures that you forgot you had....
With me, it happens everyday. 
I have such a poor memory, everyday is like a new yard sale with stuff I already own!

I found a chair for my studio...$24.99 at the Goodwill.
You would think the best part of the chair would be the low price,
but really the best part is that there are no odors, or stains....
so clearly no one has "passed" in this old vintage chair!
I put the cover on the cushion to spice it up a  little...not sold on it.

I have a table cleared off and ready for some "art" action....
very shaker looking....

I will post more pictures soon....if your bored to tears...suck it up, this is exciting for me!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

estate sale!!!!!!

Ahhh, the smell of spring, the smell of YARD SALES!!!!!!!!
There were a few yesterday, I went to two.
One was an estate sale of the owner of Jamerson Art Gallery.
(He didn't die...he is selling his stuff and moving to Florida).
Damn, he had some NICE stuff...loads of it was out of my price range,
but I dug around, and happened to mention I was opening a studio to teach art to children, and we then became great friends!
He ended up giving me a really nice table, some prints, and loads of paper; with promises of more too come!!!!!! woo hoo!
I love the frame prints I got for $10.00....they are 24"X36"

I also bought a bunch of Larson Juhl frames for a $1 each.
They are so stunning, and something that I could never afford at full price.

Then in the corner of his garage I spied this...

handmade easel. amazing!
I held my breath while I ask for the price....
$5.00......oh my!

I have started setting up areas in my studio, I have an sewing area.....
which will have 4 sewing machines, fabric, trims, thread, etc.

I do have a bunch of fabric moved in...

However, I have a lot more to go!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

studio light

one of the best things about my new studio is the amazing light.

it's going to be great for photographing!

Friday, March 19, 2010

design studio * 101

I'm so excited.....I signed the lease on Wednesday!
Here are some photos of the space.....yippppeeeee!

here is my door
here I am opening my door.....
taaaa daaaa, isn't it fantastic!
I measured the space and its 15.6' X 30'.
It's bigger than many apartments I have lived in!
looking at studio door....
This is my view from my south western window.
I know the view is not the river...or trees,  but I like it.....
great visual texture....and the granite rocks are a nice light color!
It's a nice abstract scene.

my first piece of furniture...a Thonet Chair

I scored this vintage bulletin board from a store around the corner.

looking out my door.... the main entrance is on the right.

The mill has a coffee shop, pizzaria, and loads of stuff coming soon.
This is a common space next to the coffee shop.

The last Friday of every month they have a art walk/open house.

I will post more photos soon!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I am so excited, I have rented a studio space in the
North Dam Mills in Biddeford!
I have been desperate for a place to "do" my art and design work.
I plan on doing design consultations, and teach classes,
as well as creating items for my ETSY shop and upcoming shows.

North Dam Mill Website

I am in studio 114,  it's a 2 bay space.....
approx. 12' X 25', I think the ceilings are 20' tall.
It's a nice and sunny south western exposure....with a view of granite rocks (LOL).
The rocks actually make a nice back drop....great colors, and textures.

I will be posting pictures as I much to do! eeekkk!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

the geek in me...

I have no idea what it is about PBS, and Masterpiece Theater, but I just LOVE it.  I know some find it slow and painful, but I watch it, ever second of it snuggled down in my bed......Here are some that I just love, and may add to my DVD library......most happen to be Jane her, and a Charlotte dramatic!

This is an A&E version...Colin Firth is just fantastic!

I bought this yesterday....I needed a little spring happy.
The SAX Cross body bag.

I saw this in the Anthropologie catalog, and I am so going to copy it!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

oh my!

This is just simply amazing!

I just couldn't wait til this weekend, so I cracked it open, and smiled through the entire first show.
Jill Scott ROCKS! The art direction rocks, and the scenery is just stunning!
It's on sale on Amazon, I can't wait to watch the rest!
If you believe that one should read the books, before seeing the movie,
then do it...the books are just fantastic!