Friday, March 19, 2010

design studio * 101

I'm so excited.....I signed the lease on Wednesday!
Here are some photos of the space.....yippppeeeee!

here is my door
here I am opening my door.....
taaaa daaaa, isn't it fantastic!
I measured the space and its 15.6' X 30'.
It's bigger than many apartments I have lived in!
looking at studio door....
This is my view from my south western window.
I know the view is not the river...or trees,  but I like it.....
great visual texture....and the granite rocks are a nice light color!
It's a nice abstract scene.

my first piece of furniture...a Thonet Chair

I scored this vintage bulletin board from a store around the corner.

looking out my door.... the main entrance is on the right.

The mill has a coffee shop, pizzaria, and loads of stuff coming soon.
This is a common space next to the coffee shop.

The last Friday of every month they have a art walk/open house.

I will post more photos soon!

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  1. I think I love that space!!! Have fun creating in that great spot