Tuesday, March 23, 2010

more studio photos

.....back from another afternoon at the studio...it's coming along slowly but surely.
I get side track often.....usually by something shiny.....or maybe a cute bunny....or....
my son pleading with me to make him an Egyptian Wolf Warrior Mask.

so, I did. made it out of a cardboard box, black fabric, black marker, and a glue gun.

he wore it around the mill....
got lots of smiles, and jack the pizza man loved it.
Ivan is wearing it for show and tell tomorrow.

The good thing about cleaning and moving is finding treasures that you forgot you had....
With me, it happens everyday. 
I have such a poor memory, everyday is like a new yard sale with stuff I already own!

I found a chair for my studio...$24.99 at the Goodwill.
You would think the best part of the chair would be the low price,
but really the best part is that there are no odors, or stains....
so clearly no one has "passed" in this old vintage chair!
I put the cover on the cushion to spice it up a  little...not sold on it.

I have a table cleared off and ready for some "art" action....
very shaker looking....

I will post more pictures soon....if your bored to tears...suck it up, this is exciting for me!!!!

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  1. You are finding many great things for your studio! I love the botanical prints.