Sunday, March 21, 2010

estate sale!!!!!!

Ahhh, the smell of spring, the smell of YARD SALES!!!!!!!!
There were a few yesterday, I went to two.
One was an estate sale of the owner of Jamerson Art Gallery.
(He didn't die...he is selling his stuff and moving to Florida).
Damn, he had some NICE stuff...loads of it was out of my price range,
but I dug around, and happened to mention I was opening a studio to teach art to children, and we then became great friends!
He ended up giving me a really nice table, some prints, and loads of paper; with promises of more too come!!!!!! woo hoo!
I love the frame prints I got for $10.00....they are 24"X36"

I also bought a bunch of Larson Juhl frames for a $1 each.
They are so stunning, and something that I could never afford at full price.

Then in the corner of his garage I spied this...

handmade easel. amazing!
I held my breath while I ask for the price....
$5.00......oh my!

I have started setting up areas in my studio, I have an sewing area.....
which will have 4 sewing machines, fabric, trims, thread, etc.

I do have a bunch of fabric moved in...

However, I have a lot more to go!


  1. Oooo look at that fabric! Your studio is coming along nicely!