Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a bit of what's happening

So Christmas is over, now what?
It takes me a while to decompress.
I moved my studio up to the main floor at the inn, and opened a retail area.
I was quite happy with the sales, but good lord that was a lot of work. I will post some photos.
I did get some good loot for Christmas.
My friend Becky got me these from
Angela Adams...a killer beach towel, and a dish towel. A DISH TOWEL! WOOT!
It is far to fabulous to dry dishes...I have big plans for this towel!

My friend Charlotte(who rocks) gave me this killer tunic from here,
the Green Rainbow Shop

My hubby got me a Kindle

I do like it...I don't Love it. I guess after spending so much time on a high definition color computer the kindle seems a bit dull. I have downloaded a couple of books, but none of them have fully engrossed me....maybe it's just me.

Both books are good...but, I am not 100% yet.

I am so loving this show!!!!! I watch it on Netflix on my laptop...

I think this fossil bag

and theses Anthro shoes

are fabulous!

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