Thursday, January 13, 2011

playing a little catch up...

I really like to use this blog as a personal diary of sorts.
I have this fear that one day I will loose all my photos, whether it be on the computer(crash), or a large sunami. I feel that my photos, and thoughts are safe out in the world wide web... isn't it ironic, don't you think?
as you watch the can brush up on your spanish!
So here is a little catch up from the past few weeks.

Something we are trying to try...... reading hour...7-8 pm weekdays. 
No nothing, except a good book!

 is there anything cuter than a dog on reindeer antlers?

an adorable little vintage gift for lovely Lilah.
(the duck family sleeps in the basket, after a long day of swimming)

Some great thrifting finds!
vintage OJ container $2.99

Gianni Bernnini (sold at Macys $149.00) thrifted for $9.99

my Mom had this in her kitchen when I was young - 99 cents.

a splurge - glass pitcher - made in India $9.99

HOUSE DECOR -a little spring HAPPINESS for the living room

IVAN'S NOTES TO SANTA "for rein Dear"

Put Presents on table  PS big presents on chair  PS Merry Christmas  Ivan Zinchuk

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