Saturday, January 22, 2011

some new glasses

My son, Ivan needs glasses, and
I seem to be taking it harder than he is.
I know there will be some struggles, with a lot of...
"Ivan, where are your glasses?",  and "Ivan, put your glasses on!"
He already told me he didn't want to wear them on the school bus.  Hmph!
Kids can be so cruel....if anyone makes fun of him...WATCH OUT!!!!

Off to Lens Crafters, where we were lucky, and got a great lady to help us.
She has a son Ivan's age, so she was quite good at dealing with little men!
We brought Ivan's friend Oscar, for moral support.
Oscar came out of the womb wearing glasses.

The kid kills me, he walked in to the store knowing the look he wanted.
He tried on a few different frames, but wanted his first choice. 

I think he looks pretty good!!!!!! actually, GREAT!
I scored super huge at Goodwill the other day.
I think someone had dumped all their jewelry making supplies there.
My guess is that they had just had it....they were done!
I get it.  Selling jewelry for profit is next to impossible.
You really need to find amazing deals on supplies,
and have really unique stuff;  because everyone is making and selling jewelry!!!
BINGO!!!!! Amazing deal.....

Above is just a small portion of what I bought.
I spent about $40.00, and scored about $800.00 worth of stuff.
Most of the items still have the price tags on(a lot from the Beadin' Path in Freeport).
There are loads of tools, and jigs, and things that I have no idea what to do with.

Everything is in my shop 50% of sticker free instruction if needed.

I've added a couple of new cups to my collection... woot!

I have some cool crafty post coming up.
I am just getting over a 6 day sinus infection...YUCK!
See you here tomorrow!

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  1. Ivan's grades are going to soar with those glasses. An incredible jewelery jackpot! Love the 50's/60's(?)cup.