Monday, August 16, 2010

My new friend Heidi

I wanted to post some of my friend Heidi's wonderful creations.
Heidi and I did the Higgin's Beach Craft Show this past weekend.
We both did VERY WELL, lots of purchases for both of us!
I own the owl on the left!
I love the wool needle felted mermaids below....
I bought 2 for Azlyn, and Lilah's Christmas bag.

I loved the painted fish...and her signs were a big hit!

The lobsters sold like hotcakes! I have one of these as well.

I also bought 2 of these for the grand daughters.
Their faces are so CUTE!

below are some of my items that I sold in the crafts show

Check out her blog.  Oh ya, she has also written 12 books.
She is really SMART!

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