Thursday, February 10, 2011

taking one for the team...

but I will get to that in a bit!

I wore my very bold Christmas necklace today.
I was just waiting for that perfect outfit that screamed out...wear me, wear me now!
I must tell you I was a little worried that I would have a sore neck by the end of the day, but low and behold, a perfectly un-sore neck.
My friend Charlotte, ( the woman who is suppose to be a guest blogger (rock collection) Hem!!!),
told me to put more photos of people in my blog.
I couldn't disagree more, but being the the kind of blogger who doesn't ya go!

It took like 10 shots to get one that look ok enough to post...
here I am....but please, just focus on the outfit...

Necklace by Anthropologie from Kirsten
Turtleneck by August Silk ($5.00 on clearance - Marshalls)
Sweater by INC (on clearance $11.00 - Macys)
Skirt by j brown apparel design (hee hee) - fabric Bamboo/Modal blend
Boots - Timberland ($24.99 - Mardens)
Leggings- I don't remember
Wool socks - my husbands sock draw.

yikes...what a view.

So, I went to Trader Joe's today to continue my...
Try everything in Trader Joe's quest.
Maine is lucky we have a big Trader Joe's...

A great entrance...the smell is so amazing.
They are currently selling orchids for $7.99....they were selling like crazy!
They get a shipment everyday...a nice Valentines gift for a friend???

These were so gorgeous!

The reason why so many go to Trader Joe's!!!!!

I  Love the sweet!

so back to taking one for the team.....
I had such high hopes for this Bento Box
However, I must report that I would give it  zero stars...BLEK!
It was close to inedible. The tofu was ok...pretty tasteless.
The rice in the middle was ok.... the other rice was dry and grainy.
The string beans were like sticks...etc..etc... don't waste your $5.99.
My dog wouldn't eat it, and he eats everything!!!!!!!

I have a corner of my house post coming tomorrow!

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