Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my Trader Joe's love affair

I love Trader Joe's.
I love how everything is basically "good" for you, and so affordable.
Most of the food is all natural...No hydrogenated oils...etc.
I think what I love about it most is the unique variety pre-made & frozen food.
Lunch today was this...
Shitake Mushroom & Tofu in Black Pepper Sauce w/ rice
It was quite yummy...very spicy(made my nose run a bit)
I would buy it again. Total fat per serving 4.5g - $2.99

Edamame Hummas
a nice spin on traditional hummus.
I've bought this twice already. 8g. fat per serving

My son likes ribs, and he likes Trader Joe's Pork Ribs!!!!!!!!
(I get excited when the kid finds something he likes other than gold fish crackers.)
I tried one as well, and found the meat very tender, and
the sauce was nice and tangy.  These are super easy to make just
12 minutes in the oven. $9.99 per package

My husband had this for dinner last night.
Trader Joe's Chicken Pot Pie
He liked it, and he can be pretty picking about food.
They say it serves 2 on the package...
I'm not sure what kind of 2, but not a typical person.
Maybe it you served it with a side of potatoe, salad, and dinner rolls.
I will buy this again.

I have always wanted to try French Macarons.
I have yet to find a bakery in the state that makes them.
I spotted these out of the corner of my eye , and
had to push a lady and her cart out of the way to reach them.
It was worth it!!!!!  I will buy these again.
12 mini macaroons (6 chocolate/6 vanilla)...flaky crust, amazing cream inside. $4.99

Maple Leaf Cookies
These are very good. The maple taste is very light.
The frosting to cookie ratio is good(I would compare this to a double stuff Oreo).
All natural, no preservatives.
The only down fall.... 5g. fat per cookie, and I just ate 6 of them!

Trader Joe Joe's cookies
These are very good.  All natural, and very affordable!
These are good. I think the next box will be with white filling.
5 grams of fat per 2 cookies.

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