Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a snowy day...

bbbrrrrrrr.....sums up the day!
It's a  great day for... a soul warming lunch, and I have the best ever!

Yes, more Trader Joe's love! This soup is so GOOD!
It is my favorite Trader Joe's item!!!!!

It is creamy, not overly tomato-ie,
and it warms you up the whole way down!
I paired it up with this dip, along with some wheat thins.
This dip is not for the faint of heart. It has a VERY strong blue cheese taste!
I find it so yummy! A perfect snowy day meal!!!

I've been spending some quality time on ebay searching for vintage treasures.
Most treasures are to expensive.....shipping is ridiculous!
I did however stumble on these.... I paid 99 cents  for 17 plates - plus $10.00 shipping.
They are Universal Pottery salesman samples; the fascination series.  They are 3" diameter.
I love the patterns, especially the flora!

Have a great snow day!
I am off to snuggle in my bed with a good book!

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