Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a little news

here's a bit of what's up.  It's not much,  I am still in New Hampshire mode.

I've seen 2 more of the Oscar films.
Inception was good. The cast was great!
I must admit I was sometimes confused at which dream level was happening when.
I do recommend seeing it!

I loved The kids are all right.  It was an easy, enjoyable film.
A must see.
Mark Ruffalo is yummy!

I want to be here! I want to own this!

I may make one of these birch tables....for a friend.

I love trees...especially birch trees. I LOVE these panels!

love these, from here

this tray is nice!

a little trader Joe's update....this was just ok.
the package said it serves 2, so I gave my husband half,
and then myself half. He ate it, I asked him what he thought...
He said, "it's a nice appetizer",  "What's for dinner?"
It was good comfort food.
Not overly tasty. Just food.

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