Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Target Love

This post was so ridiculously hard to put together. For some reason finding the correct images was next to impossible, so we all must use our imaginations.
Have you seen the new Liberty of London line at Targe'?
I have been so good at holding back at buying everything......I did buy 2 lamp shades, aren't they cool!

and a fun halter dress made in the fabric (the yellow floral in the front) below.

My second Targe' recommendation for this evening is for the new Giada line of food.
I personally love food shopping at targe', mostly because I find the grocery store so horribly boring.
At Targe' you can wizz on through the grocery lines and into the fabulous-ness of fashion, and domestication (DAMN...I HAVE SOME CRAZY SENTENCES WORKING TONIGHT).
I love the creamy tomatoe pasta sauce, and her boxed spaghetti !!! 
super yummy, even the husband commented on how good it is.

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