Sunday, April 12, 2009

ahh...Lovely Hats

One of my favorite TV shows is "Sunday Morning", on CBS every Sunday morning
(thus the name).
This past Sunday the had a segment on Mr. Sung, who is an amazing hat designer.
He designed the hat below.
When I saw it on TV at the inauguration I instantly fell in love!
If I put this hat on, and went in public...people would laugh and stare.
What is it about an older big black woman the exudes such style and confidence?

Having lived in the deep south for 7 years; I have met many women like this.
Mr Song says 76% of his customers are black woman who buy these hats for church.

I would totally go to church if I got to wear hats like these, and sing and dance like they do in the south. They got it going on! AMEN.
Mr Song Millinery

I love these stamps......

You can also buy respect bumper stickers adorned with the inaugural bow here:
Respect Bumper Sticker

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