Saturday, August 29, 2009

summer lovin' happen so fast

Loads of action here at Higgins Beach. We are loving,
and soaking up every last minute of summer.

riding the waves

soaking up the sun

nice and steamy hot dog days of summer

I watched the dog below for quite a while...he was so cute and funny!
He kept dropping the log, but would always pick it up, no matter how heavy or awkward it was.

great friends and yummy food, make a great beach evening.

The Harrington's came to stay in our back cottage for a week. They have 4 mine,
and Kosoff cousins.
There was lots of playing, a few fights (that's what boys do!).
Overall, loads of fun was had!

beach football

sand castles and legos

defying gravity

My little buddy Jacob, and I hung out quite a bit.
He would come over in the morning to see what I was doing,
play legos, and give me lots
of his handsome smiles.

there were loads of beautiful sunsets

an amazing storm : Hurricane Bill with the biggest waves I have ever seen.

and the quiet after the storm.

I am hoping for a nice long Indian Summer!!!!!

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