Friday, September 18, 2009

wool soap cozzies

Wool is a natural temperature regulator, hypoallergenic,
odor free, stain resistant, durable, animal friendly 
and environmentally sustainable.

I was recently given a gift of soap that had been felted with wool. I loved it....I really thinks that it conserves the bar, along with giving you a built-in wash cloth.  Unfortunately / fortunately when the soap is gone you have a piece of random wool......I was told that you could replace the soap, but it has shrunk so much that it would be quite difficult to get a new bar in.

So..I decided to make a soap cozzie out of a my husbands shrunken felted(washed) sweater.  see below......
the soap is fantastic its from LONG WINTER FARM

I started by cutting about 1/3rd of the sleeve off  of each arm.
I plan on using the cuffs, and the rest of the sweater for additional projects.

cut a long strip that will fit the soap plus a few extra inches. 

sew a pocket for the soap to fit in, then just tuck in the extra flap.

all done! I will post my other 2 sweater projects soon!

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