Sunday, April 3, 2011

some smoothie action....

My 25th class reunion is fast approaching.
I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I have mixed feelings about attending.
Facebook has been great tool in finding long lost friends, and high school chums.
I almost feel that Facebook is enough.
I chat with the ones I have things in common,
or mutual interests with.  I see the ones I want to see.
Do we all really need to meet and size up one another?

Hem! size up one another.....there is a lot more of me than there was in high school!
I have been telling myself....
OK, Julie time to lose some weight....lets get in shape...lets look good for the old classmates.
Well, months have gone by and I haven't lost a single pound, but I also haven't been trying.
Is it that I don't care?  Maybe not.  As I get older I care less about what others think.
I need to find reasons that affect me, and motivate me.

I love clothes and fashion. I hate not being able to shop for the cool BoHo clothes that I love.
That should be a motivation.
I am not a big fan of exercise, it bores me.
So....I am thinking lets start with healthy eating...
I bought one of these Oyster hand held blenders...
$21.99 at Target .

So far, it works great. It so much easier to clean than a  traditional blender.
It's easy to control, and it makes a great lump-less smoothie.

I use Spirulteen vanilla soy protein powder, organic soy milk,
Chobani greek yogurt, Wyman's of Maine blueberries, and nanas.
I am tracking my caloric intake here at Everyday health . com.
I am going to try 1300 calories a day. 

Am I happy about this...not overly.
I will be happy when I can shop here for fabulous dresses!
like this one....

or this one

This is my motivation!

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