Friday, September 5, 2008

Birthday Thank You

Now that I am 40 years, 1 month, and 2 weeks old.....I must say things are going quite smoothly...especially now that I have my....
there is nothing that I can't face in these beauties......(I have been waiting to post this blog so I could take pictures of me in my boots.....since it's been hot and rainy all boot expeditions have been put on hold - stay tuned for boot images!)

Thank you to all of my fabulous friends
who pitched in to get me these must haves for mid-life
(some friends couldn't make it to the weekend.....but we had a drink in all of your honors!).

We had a great girls get away at Goddess Deirdre's camp on Sebago Lake....

Deirdre was an amazing hostess....the accommodations were great, the food was amazing! She also got me an amazing sterling bracelet engraved with "Goddess - 2008". Deirdre is one of the most giving and generous people I have ever met! You Rock! She also looks really good when she gets out of bed in the morning.....spooky!

Becky, as always was a great party organizer......and she brought a huge whoopie pie cake.....yum. She was the master mind of an amazing relaxing birthday weekend. BRAVO.
My lovely friend Lisa
came all the way from Long Island...and was the lucky friend who got to snuggle in bed with me. She got there pretty late Friday night; walked into a room filled with people she didn't know and fit right in!!!!

Tanya as always was very entertaining....
lots of hysterical always, and she parted with a fabulous vintage set of cookie cutters.

Shelley made me the most fabulous rugs for my bedroom. They are the best rugs because they go into the wash, and come out looking like new. I know they took her hours and hours(thank you!!). Here is Shelley's on-line shop where she sells them.

On Saturday, I was surprised with a visit from my ole' friend Linda Lou...she is hysterically funny, and we had a great time telling stories from when we were young and wild.
Since I forgot to take a picture of Linda I put this one in......
this is a picture of Linda when she came to visit me in New Orleans......need I say more???

Then my high school friend Carrie

came toting a fabulous bag full of items to
"pimp my ride"... my ride being my new fabulous cruiser bike......

Crazy Fawnderella came and as always was the life of the party.
doesn't she look like a super model in this photo!

Jen came,with her pug - Lilly...
who hands down is the noisiest dog on the planet...but provided lots of laughs.
Joy came she was pretty quiet, but always has a great comment to add, and was a great addition to all the fun!

We drank lots of fruity adult beverages, and sat in chairs(we finished off a gallon of vodka in one day!).

Lisa's daughter Lauren called, and asked what we were doing....Lisa told her..."I sat in the low chair for a while reading, than I sat in the taller chair to eat, then I sat in the other chair, but it wasn't as comfortable as the first chair so I moved back to that chair." Crazy!!!! But it sums it up.
Here is Becky eating cake....she can eat more cake than anyone I know!!! Seriously, I would vomit, and end up in a sugar coma....she can eat ridiculous amounts....Freaky!
and of course who could forget Chelsey
(major passer of gas!)....Deirdre's younger sister....this is the position she took with most of us at least once during the weekend......this time I am the lucky participant.
Thanks to everyone!!!!!

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