Friday, September 26, 2008

school and cake has been a while since I have posted on this blog. I get crazy busy at the beginning of each semester, with getting my syllabus and lesson plans done.

(this is the building where I teach)
I am teaching 3 courses this semester, Technical Illustration, which is going great, the students are very good, most haven't missed a class and for the most part they all have great attitudes....which was nothing like the first semster when I taught this first college class ever....I know the students could smell the fear...and some went for blood...those stinky bastards!
I am also teaching Interior Design which I love, this is my 3rd semester, and the students get better and better.....It's a hard class...I have students with many different ability levels....and it seem i never have enough time to get with all of them during class.....I think next semster I will change my class size from 22 to 15.
I am also teaching Introduction to Visual Art....tons of fun. It is a very laid back class....The first project we did was mail art, and postage stamp design...they all came out pretty good.....This one was my favorite.
This is the view out of the windows in the building that I teach in....It's fabulous...
I need to get a better photo!

(the use to be an old boat house....)
you can check out my SMCC DESIGN blog...there is a link on the right.

Tonight is my friend fawn's 40th birthday party......
I want to bring an appetizer and could not get inspired by anything normal, so I made a lovely dessert platter out of Little Debbie snack cakes......
we have moon pies, oatmeal pies, jelly rolls....and I did have swiss rolls but Ivan has been eating those...

isn't it lovely? I added red hots, chocolate chips, and candy sugar...then dusted a bit of powdered sugar on it.....
I know Fawn will love it.

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