Sunday, May 17, 2009

it's up.....

welcome Buddha

Well my quest to be a shop keeper is well underway.
A 7'-0" X 7'-0" plastic shed is quite challenging, but I am well on my way to a cozy little retail/craft space.
I had to drive to Topsham  to retrieve the shed ( a wonderful Jamaican man ( who was over 7 feet tall and had the largest hands I have ever seen) who is the manager of home and garden unpacked the whole thing, and managed to fit it in the Outback - Thank You Wayne!).
As I was approaching home the pieces tied to the roof started sliding off.... but I made it.....just barely. My neighbor Jimmy worked his butt off and helped me put it together. when the hubby got home he finished up screwing the whole thing together.
My friend Arlene gave me an outdoor sisal -like rug $0.00, which works perfectly to cover the black floor. (check out my new Prada slides - $1.00 at a yard sale).
I have installed netting (also from Arlene-$0.00) across both doors..... just say no to mosquitoes, and yes to summer breezes!
I have covered the walls with these great curtains I had $0.00.
I bought some MDF crown pieces to go around the top of the shop, I will hang things from this...much easier than drilling holes in the plastic.
I have started moving some furniture in.

I am trying to keep the cost to a minimum....
need to keep the overhead low :)
Tally to date...
little plastic shed $595.00
MDF crown $18.00
cedar planks(exterior entry) $21.00
twinkle lights $6.00
bookcase(from Arlene) $10.00
bookcase (yard sale) $20.00
I will post more soon.
I am trying to think of a name... any ideas????
I was thinking little plastic castle...... from this SONG!

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