Monday, May 4, 2009

new project

So it's been a while since I've blogged... Lots of things going on....
My younger sister Katie (who has special needs) moved in with us.
So, we had to basically move our dining room, and office out of our house.  ugh!
I do have to say... her room looks great.... she loves living with us... 
and it seems the room was always meant to be what has become.
There are still piles of stuff here and there, but the new arrangement has made me go through 
everything and purge. I had a yard sale last weekend and sold lts of  stuff. 
So, having lost the equivalent of two space (office/dining area), we really needed more space.
The majority of my Art/Craft, Vintage stuff is in a bedroom closet and under the eaves in our bedroom which is not easy to access..... and our bedroom is constantly a mess.... So..... here is the plan. 

taa daa...ok it's bad, but it's going be great!
My husband and I, are going to have matching storage sheds.
woo hoo......
My husbands is going to make his a workshop, it will house all of his tools(which were previously in the house).
I am going to make mine into a shop/craft area ( we have tons of tourist during the summer).
It's only 7 feet by 7 feet...... super small but I know I can make it work.
check out this amazing space... which is 10'X10'
The shed is by Rubbermaid....I know what your thinking... why not a cute wood shed.... well the answer is salt water.... salt air...  where I live all things metal turn to rust, and wood takes a serious beating..... so this shed is water tight, and wont disintegrate in the salt air.
I will start the "re-design next weekend..... I'll post throughout the process. Wish me luck!

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