Tuesday, June 9, 2009

more shop photos

the shop is coming along .....I have arranged and rearranged it.
These are actually last weeks photos, but it shows bits and pieces of the little plastic shed shop.
I have a plethora of items....vintage purses, random art, jewelry.

Handmade jewelry, note cards, and classic books
(in case you forgot yours for the beach).

nick nacks......

terrariums, and beachy souvenirs

handmade collages

up close of small terrarium

vintage pyrex, and other home goods

another super cute terrarium.....with elf and raccoon.

I hope to open in a couple weeks....nothing is priced, and I still have a lot of arranging to do!
I hope you plan to stop by when it's open!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I have a few kitty kat knick knacks that may sell like hotcakes....would be willing to donate to the little plastic shed cause

  2. Hot Pants, I would hate to break up your collection!

  3. Love the plastic shed!!! Nice work Julie :))

  4. @ Hotpants - i am sure your spouse would hate to part with those treasured items... i know how Johnny Hotrocks loves collectables.