Tuesday, June 30, 2009

things I own.... that I'm loving!

ohhh - ahh, my fabulous Anthropologie scarf.
Super love this, it goes with everything!

this is the best invention ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
single cup coffee maker it makes espressos, lattes, tea....you name it.

DR Bronner's organic peppermint soap(from the 60's).
smells amazing, and the bottle is a great read.

This shampoo is fantastic, cleans great, and my head feels tingly.

personal waterpik...yowsa cleans and cleans....
my gums bled the first few times,
but now it's great...beats flossing.

my new Born Mary Janes (an early birthday gift from my friend Lisa).
so comfy!!! I've wanted a pair of MJ's for a while, these are perfect.

just thought I'd share a few tried and true luxuries!


  1. i want a water pik too... but my spouse thinks i am so uncoordinated i would drown myself!

  2. LOL - the first time I used it, I got me and the entire bathroom soaked!

  3. great post and I loved that you own everything. did you have some amazing ice cream lately? my fav is the teaberry over at Beals!!!

  4. Jodi, all ice cream from Beal's is yummy! I love the blueberry cheese cake! I am going to make ice cream today...I'll let you know how it goes!!!! Thanks for the message!