Thursday, July 2, 2009

ice cream love

ahh ice cream, who doesn't love it. I guess there are the few who are lactose intolerant; I do feel so bad for them. Ice cream is yummy creamy goodness, and can cure anything that may make you blue. Many turn to ice cream to help with a broken heart.

Some ice cream is so yummy that it puts you in a trance.

this guy is a professional ice cream taster for Ben and Jerry's
good work if you can get........................

Here is Miss USA eating ice cream.....well she isn't actually eating it. she is posing with it. I wonder if she took a bite. I would have sat there an eaten the whole sundae
(minus the bananas - eww).
I'm sure the "Donald" would have fired me for inappropriate behavior!

Ice cream is so fantastic that Reebok dedicated a whole sneaker line to it.
I would so wear the green ones!

Some sing about ice cream...
my BFF actually choose this Sarah M - ice cream as her wedding song....
she loves ice cream...actually she loves all sweets, and can eat strangely odd amounts.

Ani DiFranco sings so soulfully about it.....
32 flavors

I found this lovely vintage piece at an amazing estate sale in Portland this past Sunday. I got tons of fabulous things which I will share later. I thought I might try making some homemade creamy goodness....

I giggle a bit when I think back to when I was in my early 20's. I had a boyfriend give me an ice cream maker for my birthday. I was so pissed 20 year old chick wants an ice cream maker from a boyfriend...hmph. He took it back. We broke up.
I will let you know how the ice cream comes out.
awwwwww...... barf!

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