Saturday, February 13, 2010


My son, who is a second grader brought this list home.
He and his classmates composed it, as an alternative to TV watching.
Here are a few of my favorites!

Make a time-line of your life. (this must be extremely time consuming
       for 7 year olds !)
Play Army. (this had to be my son's idea!)
Pretend your a Rhino. (LMAO)

Put stickers in a sticker book.
Invent a cookie. (could be interesting...)
Put all your barrettes in your hair. (I am so doing that! but not this!)

Snuggle with a dog. (just a random dog? )

Peak into windows. (I love to do this!)
Count your cats whiskers.
Spy on someone. (I use to do this!)
Make a heart shaped sandwich. (I have a sandwich cutout...but it's a dinosaur)
Decorate an old pair of sneakers.
Bungee jump at the mall. (didn't know it was an option??)
Paint your face and hair, then walk around your neighborhood to see what people do. (done this)
Sell hot chocolate.
Follow your cat around all day to see what it does all day.

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