Monday, July 19, 2010

ugly food update

it's been a while since I have had an ugly food update. I have actually been meaning to blog about Amy's Organic frozen food line for a while.  I love Amy's! It is so good. I have tried just about every product, and it is yummy! One of my favorites is the one below,
granted it is so not pretty, but very DELISH!

and to finish off this little post,
a pretty help you recover from the "ugly" food!

Higgin's Beach afternoon.


  1. Hi, there! I just stumbled on your blog and since I love Indian food, too, I thought I'd share with you my blog ( where you can find a link to all my recipes...including a bunch of authentic Indian ones I compiled while cooking with my Indian mom-in-law. The "Amy's" brand is tasty, too, but if you want to make it from scratch, the recipes are easy and straight from India so definitely authentic :).

  2. Thanks Karen, I will check out the blog!