Monday, September 6, 2010

summer time flies!!!!

so, I spent every possible day at the beach, which was a lot!
It was a beautiful summer!
 Loads of new things happening......
It was "the boys" first day of 3rd grade.
we had a heat wave....95 degrees!!!!! super hot.

I have new classroom at SMCC

it's a wee bit stale! but the view right out the windows and door is this!
we went out to dinner at the Snow Squall to celebrate the last day of summer vacation.
The food was yummy, and the music great! Support your local restaurants!!!!!
Ivan brought a date...Miss Mayne. hee hee!
One of the best part of starting a new term at school is....
aren't they great! they are actually cream (they look white in the photo)and olive..... so I figure I can wear them this fall....they were 60% off!!!! which was great because they were originally $115.00
Yikes....but they feel just like heaven when you have them on!

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