Saturday, March 26, 2011

a good book

Ah March! It tests my soul!
I find it the hardest month to stay active, creative, and happy!
My creative juices have hit a lull....
Truly the only cure for the March Madness is to escape into a good book!

I just finished Zorro, by Isabel Allende.

I love Allende's writing.
I would describe it as historical, romantic, and full of action/adventure,
but most important engrossing.

The first Allende book I read was Daughters of Fortune.

I remember exactly when I read it. It was the end of May, nine years ago.
I was 9 months pregnant waiting so patiently(or not) for my son to arrive.
I laid in a hammock, with the sun on my face totally engrossed in the book.
It helped the long days of waiting pass quicker.

Years later (with a small child, reading is a stolen luxury) I read this book...
Portrait in Sepia

Again, it was wonderful!

I am hoping that my March Madness is close to an end.
However, just in case it is not, I am off to my local bookseller to get this...

The House Of The Spirit

No doubt, it will be wonderful!

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