Sunday, March 27, 2011

laying around

Girls weekend are a lot different than they use to be.
They use to consist of cocktails, dancing, parties, and nakedness (hem)!

Now they consist of laying around, shopping, laying around, reading,
laying around, eating, laying around,  movies...laying around fully clothed.

On this girls weekend we stayed at the North Conway Grand.
The hotel was a great value.
It was a lot less expensive than where we stay when we go to Meridith, NH.
The rooms we ok....the decor was horrid.....It screamed late 80's.
The bedspread was a bit suspect.
The bed-skirts were so wrinkled.

The main lobby was full of these... very large stuffed animals.

They did have a cozy lobby...

We did spend some time here...the hotel pub.
I had 3 drinks....which got me quite tipsy.
So, tipsy I forgot to take silly pictures!

Becky did take this one with her phone...

This was on the door next to us all weekend!!!!
wonder what was going on???

We did some shopping at the outlets.
We swam in the outdoor heated pool.
We had some Chinese food.
We went "downtown" and found this place....
which turned out to be the highlight of the trip!
White Mountain Cupcakery

YUM!!!! we each bought 2 and went back to the hotel to lay around and eat them!
The chocolate peanut butter was amazing!
They were so good we went back the next morning and bought more.

 We met Kathy....
She was lovely, and funny,
but best of all she makes an amazing cupcake!
(her husband makes pretty flowers!)

Overall it was a good weekend....
how could it not be when you get to eat cupcakes and lay around!

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