Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ivan turns 6!

what a crazy fun filled day. Ivan had a blast!!!!
I have no idea how many kids there felt like 100!
kids eating, playing, wrestling, swimming......phew!

Ivan loves cake...well actually frosting.....

all his bro's - Jacob, Daniel, Steven, and Seamus

make a wish...."I wish for a Game Boy"

cake and friends Jacob, Steven, and Miss Molly

"Go away all you boys"
Miss Molly getting mad because
Ivan is not paying attention to her!!!!

Ivan...Ivan...Ivan....look at me!

opening presents!

more presents........

Miss Nicole

Miss Isabella

Seamus ate 5 corn dogs! (among other things)

double dad duty for Sadie, and Lily

Ivan loves a good party!

Thomas eating?????!!!!!!

I would have never made it through this crazy day without Becky's help! Thank You!!!!!!

Beach fun!

Ivan loves Grandma's frosting!!!!!!

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