Thursday, June 5, 2008

on the side of the road.....

I, at times consider my self to be a lucky person. I have won things throughout my lifetime, and have found some pretty amazing things for great prices....but nothing beats a great FREE find along the side of the road. I have found tables, pottery, tools, a TV, a fabulous 1950's kitchen/bread island, but my favorite find to date is this very pretty 1954 Singer 185J Sewing Machine.

The case was intact along with all the parts. Having researched this vintage marvel on the internet, I have found that most consider this to be one of the best that Singer has produced...."a real work horse". I took her to Tony's for a look-see, the only thing she needed was a belt $4.00. I did have him give her a good tune up and cleaning.......I haven't sat down to give her a try, but I will soon. (good lord, I sound like a man describing his boat or car....calling my sewing machine a "her, or"she!)

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