Monday, June 2, 2008

open toe outing

I was not informed that it was an open toe outing....everyone had open toe shoes or sandals with their toes all painted in pretty colors(actually there was one who had on Birks, with no paint - yikes!).....

what Terri wore on her feet (real Manolo Blahniks)

what I wore on my feet. (real Frye - no need for painting or shaving!)

Becki the winner! isn't she cute! she was sooo excited!
this is her essay that won.....

Dear Tim,

O-M-G!!!! Send me, Coast style to see the Sex and the City movie!!! I am on the edge of my seat!!!!!!!!!!! Are all those teasers I've seen in the media with the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker (aka Carrie) really just dream sequences??? Will she or won't she marry Big??

I have to admit, I was once a huge fan of Aidan. I found myself rooting for him, but now I want Carrie to have her happily ever after, and Big is her McDreamy, right? Oops, did I just slip into a Mer-Der coma? I had to get my chic-flic fix somewhere right? Grey's Anatomy did the trick for a while.....but I've been waiting four long years for Sex and the City to hit the big screen. And some of those have been painful years. Don't even get me started on the pre-strike season of Grey's. Absolute CRAP, if you asked me. But I have faith Sex on the silver screen will not disappoint!!!

Pick my sister, our gal pals, and I up in that limo and I guarantee we'll be decked out Sex and the City Style! My sister will most definitely wear her new Red Patent Peep-Toe Manolo Blahniks. Which were a 40th birthday gift inspired by Sarah Jessica's fabulous style. And I'll be sporting a Bitten ensemble (FYI Bitten is SJP's clothing line). Eva, have you seen her stuff at Steve and Barry's? So cute and affordable, too!!!! Everything is under 20 bucks. It is worth the trip to the Auburn Mall just to stock up.

Oops, I'm off track again, so in closing.... PICK ME!!! CHOOSE ME!!! SEND ME!!!! to Sex and the City Coast style!!! (Did you get that last Grey's reference? :)

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