Monday, January 26, 2009

art storage

I have been desperately trying to get organized......I have been trying my whole life.

Notes/Sketching on the go!
I love this Angela Adams Fabric..I had a memo sample, which was just big enough to fit my note pad and pen.
I love the is gridded. No searching for a pen...if I remember to put it in the bag!
Great for sketching and planning for classes, and it wont get destroyed in my bag.
I will be making some of these for my

Grab it and go!!!!
Bag for water color supplies..... I have been into water color lately...but on my own terms....quick, and loose....and I then preform the worst of the worst water color sin...I outline with a black marker........but I like it. I love black squiggly lines over watercolor!
The bag holds my colors, brushes, small water storage(pill container), and small book.
I love the has a sheen finish to it....which will be great for repelling water, and muck!

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