Thursday, January 29, 2009

sitting down to re-aquaint myself with embroidery

One of my Visual Arts students has requested the desire to embroider.
I always ask my classes what do they want to learn to do...I get weaving, and sewing a problem there......My students tend to want to do more Craft oriented things, which often leads me to the problem of making it still an Art lesson. With quilting and sewing, I show them the amazing GEES BEND QUILTS...great Art and History there. With weaving there are multitudes of amazing fiber artists out there. So, does anyone have any historical information/art ideas for embroidery?
I have a great book from the 60's illustrating 100 stitches.....I think I will go practice a few before I dive into teaching it! (It's amazing how none of the guys in the class complain....they are pretty much up for anything! I love that!)

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