Friday, January 9, 2009

oh' neti

My friend Becky tells me that I am an Afrin addict. What can I say....there is nothing like instant breathing relief with just one squirt.
It started when I lived in Louisiana, I couldn't breathe (or poop) for the first year that I was there. Totally sucked. A southern friend told my to try Afrin. I did. It worked great(on the breathing, not the pooping)! What I failed to realize was there is an Afrin plague that settles over Louisiana. The Afrin addiction rate is huge...they have doctors that just deal with weening people off of the drug. No lie.
Well, I brought the habit back to Maine......I now find over the years Afrin doesn't work as well as, I thought I would try the holistic, ancient tribal nasal cleansing route. om!
neti pot
Now, let me tell you............I hate water up my this day I still plug my nose when going under water.....

I went online to check out the neti process. I found this video on you tube.... it is so funny.
Well I have used it for 3 days now. It seems to be working well. I definitley would say warm salty water up my nose is no fun.....but now I feel that I can honestly say that my Afrin addiction could be weening! ahhh to be addict free..........

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  1. Ah, the neti pot. I have one, totally terrified to use it. It looks like a hippie torture device! ;)