Thursday, July 3, 2008

makin' jam

I am sure some of you think that makin' jam is a hard laborious process.....well, it's not is a little labor intensive due to all the different this mini tutorial I will show you how easy it is to make "yummy in your tummy" jam!

step one: berry pickin'

find good workers! and friends!

try to find workers that pick more than they eat!

which is very difficult because they are so good!
you will need 2 heaping quarts to make one batch of jam.
I went to Patten's Farm in Gorham, they came to $5.00 for both quarts!

step 2: assemble the basic necessities!

cleaned, washed, cut strawberries.
a lemon
a package of certo (found near the sugar in the grocery)

step 3:the cookin'
add 4 cups of crushed berries to your pot.

add a few squeezes of lemon...pick out the seeds!

add 7 cups of sugar!
bring to a rolling boil and add the certo.
bring to another rolling boil for exactly 1 minute.

a rolling boil is when it boils when you are constantly stirring.

step 4: canning prep.
have your ladle and clean jars ready.

step 5: canning
ladle into jars...careful it is super hot!

fill to bottom of rim
wipe the jar with wet cloth, especially the threads....sticky stuff!

fill all your jars, put lids on very tight...use your muscles....

invert jar for a while....then turn over.
your lids, and tops should be popping when you push down the lid....
if you hear popping....refrigerate those jars(often jam lids will set after a few hours)......

these make great gifts.....I have many friends who request jam......
however, I love it so much I rarely give any away!

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